Friday, 6 February 2015

Hi again as I am posting this evening some of the pictures from Lower Post to Whitehorse

#1 is the road where the rectory is on just across from the Laird River the sunrise a stunning location and #2 is Ben the deacon who is there and at Watson Lake.

#3 is the church which is next door to the rectory. One can see the character that these mission churches have in this part of the country.

#4 & #5 are the inside of the church. They changed where the altar is on the side and the barrel stove is supplement heat as they have a furnace. There are some antlers for the lectern. 

Entrance to the church I have noticed that often the parish names are Marian or Jesus names

These next two are some of the sights on the highway 

The next 5 pictures are of the cathedral of Sacred Heart in Whitehorse. 

This is taking a picture of the opposite direction of the cathedral

These last two are of the parish church in Teslin. I heard the shape of the building is stunning inside as one can see from the outside. There is a large lake that one follows along into town. The bridge in the last picture lower left corner is the one that crosses the Lake and heads south. 

These are a sampling of some of the pictures that I had taken on the trip to Whitehorse.

Fr. Mike

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