Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Greetings from Whitehorse:

I arrived this afternoon in the city from Lower Post B.C. I stayed overnight at the rectory in Lower Post with the hospitality of Ben a deacon who lives on the reserve. It is close to Watson Lake just inside the Yukon boarder that has a parish and a few other mission communities that Ben looks after. The drive from Fort Nelson on Monday was wonderful the ever changing views. There were some bisons that I photographed on the side of the highway. The weather and road conditions were good. This morning it was -35 degrees in Lower Post and my usually cold hands were sure frozen quickly. There are some pictures in this posting of the trip from Fort Nelson to Lower Post and a few up to Whitehorse. Tomorrow I will have a chance to see some of the city and area. I will be returning to Fort Nelson on Thursday morning and staying overnight in Lower Post as it is long drive all in one day. I figured over 6 hours each day and not much stoppage time to get here and there may be some snow on Friday on the last leg to Fort Nelson.

The internet connection is too slow to upload the pictures so will have to do it in Lower Post or when I get back to Fort Nelson

Fr. Mike

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  1. Oh No, it happened again. Typed a lovely little note only to have it disappear when I tried to publish it. Ah well, trying again.
    Hi Fr Mike - still looking for a map that has all your locations on it (ie 295 Mile). Lucky you to see the bison (looking forward to seeing the pictures). I was just thinking how amazing it is that such enormous beasts should have successfully survived temperatures ranging from the heat of the central plains in the U.S. to the sub zero temperatures of the Yukon only to be almost wiped out by perople in a few short years. It seems that even the extreme weather mother nature bestows is kinder than we humans.