Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thursday afternoon

Greetings today to you:

Today in Fort Nelson the weather seems to be more of the normal temperatures as it is around -18 and went down to -29 last night. Had to put another blanket on last night. There might be some snow flurries but have not seen it yet today.

I went to the Fort Nelson Literacy Center last night for a potluck dinner and the theme last night was French. They have once a month a potluck and next month it will be China so people are supposed to bring a dish that would represent that country. There were people from Japan, Korea, France, Mexico, China as some of the countries represented.

Saturday night is a moonlight cross country ski and bonfire with hot coco afterwards with some singsong. Will go to the community event after mass so we will miss the cross country ski part. The parish is having a pancake breakfast after mass this Sunday.

Monday I will be heading up to Whitehorse for a visit. I will stop at the Laird hot springs in the way up to Lower Post where I will visit with Deacon Ben who is there and covers Lower Post and Watson Lake up the road. Fr. Kieran who is the administrator for the diocese is coming down to Lower Post and Watson Lake for masses this weekend. I will stay till Friday and than head back to Fort Nelson.

A week this Sunday some baptisms are planned at Mile 295 Sacred Heart Church that I go to each Sunday and at Prophet River also later on that day. That will be my last weekend as I leave on the Tuesday February 10 overnight in Fort St. John and than back to Victoria Wednesday evening.

I will have some great pictures of the trip to Whitehorse as the forecast for next week is sunny and cold.

Fr. Mike

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