Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday afternoon Jan. 23rd

Hi to all this afternoon! Yesterday as I had mentioned I was going to Prophet River for a visit. It is a quiet hours drive south of Fort Nelson. In one of  the pictures looking south west one can see the Northern Rocky Mountains in the distance as they come into view a spectacular sight. I almost went pass the reserve as it is tucked away off the highway for the speed signs jumped to 100 ks. There are about 200 people living on the reserve. It was moved a few years ago to the present location and a couple of years ago they built a new complex that includes the administration, medical, and activities for the community. It is a lovely looking structure with some art work and stuffed animals. The temperature was 11 degrees down there amazing for this time of the year.

The included pictures are of the drive down the highway and back. Pictures of the building and art work and stuffed animals.


  1. I especially like the buffalo head and the bobcat - it is comforting to know that these animals would have been used for food not just trophies. They are beautiful beasts. Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine:
      Yes there are beautiful animals that one can see in the center at Prophet River.

      Fr. Mike