Sunday, 18 January 2015

Good Evening:

It is Sunday evening as the first weekend here in Fort Nelson has passed by. Yesterday was a sunny and pleasant day here. Shovelled some of the sidewalks and finished the church steps. Did some shopping as there not too much food in the house. I say that for Fr. Emmanuel is from Africa and their style of cooking is much different that for us. Found that shopping is more costly, heard that the shipping costs makes it more expensive.

The parish is Our Lady of Sorrows here in Fort Nelson and the parish on the reserve is called Sacred Heart Parish. I have felt welcomed by the people and look forward to being with them for the coming month. I took some pictures of the two churches and will post them soon. Have none yet of Our Lady of Sorrows here in Fort Nelson.

I hope that the funeral for Robin Terry goes well at the church tomorrow afternoon. Andrew Cullum is still in the hospital and hope that he will be well enough soon to come home as he has been there for two weeks now.

Fr. Mike

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