Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hi Again:

The last post should have said Tuesday Evening not Monday though the date was right. As you can see from the pictures the two churches are both unique. I understand at Prophet River a hall is used for mass.

Fr. Mike


  1. Hi Fr Mike
    Good grief, just wrote you the nicest email and it's all vanished! Apparently you have to sign into google gmail first - what a waste. I'll try to do it again but it is sure to have been better the first time.
    Thank you for the pictures and commentary - it's nice to hear about Northern Communities first hand. Bannock and soup sounds good - what kind of soup?
    Also, I went to Muriel Yates funeral at Holy Trinity on Tuesday, your neighbour was there (a very nice lady who goes to Holy Trinity and likes to garden) and she was worried about you since your car is there but you have vanished. I set her mind at rest, described your adventure and told her you would be back in about a month.
    Lastly, please try to stay on your feet - walking like a penguin sounds like very good advice :)

    1. Hi Elaine:

      Good to hear from you! Yes my neighbour must of wondered where I was. I mentioned to her neighbour next door that I was coming up here to Fort Nelson for the month.

      The funeral for Mr. Terry went well I understand and the family was pleased with the music and service.

      Going to post some pictures from Prophet River that I visited yesterday.

      Fr. Mike